Battle Cards: Savage Heroes Wiki

The Campaign is, with the Tournament mode, the main game mode in Battle Cards Savage Heroes. To win the campaign, the player must cross through several Biomes, defeating all foes that get in their way and getting useful rewards.


There are several Biomes, sections of the Campaign, that the player must go through. To finish one Biome and to get to the next, the player has to win some matches (whose number depends on the specific Biome). At the end of each Biome, there is always a "boss fight", a game more difficult than those through the Biome. After winning this last match, the player gains access to the next Biome.

Rewarding System[]

Winning a match in a Biome rewards the Player with a Card Pack, that can be a Bronze Card Pack, a Silver Card Pack or a Gold Card Pack.

However, those Card Packs must be unlocked first. Unlocking a Bronze Card Pack takes 1 hour, unlocking a Silver Card Pack takes 3 hours and unlocking a Gold Card Pack takes 6 hours. To avoid waiting, the player can use diamonds intead: the more time the Card Pack needs, the more diamonds the player must pay. The Player can only store 4 Card Packs locked.

Winning the last match of a Biome rewards the player not with a Card Pack, but with one of the main cards of the next Biome.


The Campaign has 15 different Biomes:

  • The Highlands
  • Deep Forest
  • Woodland Peak
  • Bleak Desert
  • The Tablelands
  • Windswept Cliffs
  • Ocean Cost
  • Tundra Lake
  • Mountain Ridge